...become Fashion Police?? The Met's Costume Institute Gala

I always wanted to do this!!! Now I can pretend to be a Fashion Police! :) Well, well my lovely readers, let's get this party started. As you may know, yesterday was the red carpet for the Met's Costume Instute Gala, one of the most important events in fashion and we got to see lots of celebrities, designers, models and people with a spot in this industry. I won't be talking about all of them in this post because it would be endless and probably you would fall asleep, so, I narrow it down to this fabulous, and not so fabulous, lovely ladies.

Firts of all is Gisele Bundchen in a beautiful and dangerous Alexander Wang frok. I just loveeeeeed the lock, the dress was the focal point and she used the right accessories so she wouldn't look like the modern version of Pocahontas or something, but (there's always a BUT right??) I'm not so sure it was the best option to the event, what do you think??

Second, is Nicole Richie... I really really like her style, even when she's only walking around running errands, and this time she didn't let me down. She wore a Marc Jacobs metallic dress that reflected pretty well her usual boho style.

In these... well, let's just say that these are my least favorite looks. Specially this one....

Hahahaha I just can't help myself!! What was she thinking!!! Hahahaha.. I mean, I really like Katy Perry don't get me wrong, I think that she's such a nice beautiful lady, and I just don't know why she does this to herself!!! Maybe, without the neon lights, you might think.. but oooh noo!! it gets even better!!

The neon lights colors changeee!!! At least she gets credit for that! Let me know what you think!

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