...choose the right bangs for you?

Currenty, I'm letting my bangs grow, but for those of you who like them, here are the best ones for your face shape according to InStyle Magazine:

Heart-Shaped Face like Reese Whiterspoon: Sideswept bangs have a balancing effect and draw the attention down and towards the eyes. Ask for layered, feathered bangs.

High Forehead like Claudia Schiffer: Swingy bangs like these have a two-fold effect: The thickness works to conceal the forehead while the gradual angle opens and widens the face. Ask for heavy sideswept bangs that start in the center of the forehead and taper diagonally to a cheek-grazing length.he gradual angle opens and widens the face.

Small Forehead like Taraji Henson: This sloping, asymmetrical fringe makes a short forehead seem stronger and more pronounced, ask your stylist to cut your bangs on a steep, sideswept angle that blends into cheekbone-skimming layers. These bangs also require a deep side part, which is flattering for many face shapes.

Square Face like Nicole Richie: Long, eye-grazing bangs that are tapered on the sides add a soft element to square face shapes. Ask your stylist to snip them just below the brows, leaving the heaviest pieces on the sides so they don’t mask your eyes. The center strands can be feathery as a little forehead peeking through is ideal.

Oval Face like Lea Michele: Ask for bangs that hit between the brow and the eyelash and are longer on the edges, that way, you can wear them swept aside or straight with a middle part.

Round Face like Jennifer Hudson. Request a graphic, curved shape, which will flatter your bone structure—and be sure the bangs are thick.

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