...show your love to Cerati??

I know, I know... you might think this has nothing to do with fashion buuuuut, the thing is that for those of you who know who is Gustavo Cerati will totally get this post... he's one of the most important icons in the latin-american music industry and as you should guess his in my top five of music and fashion. I grew up with his music and wasn't old enough to see the final shows with Soda Stereo I did go to one of his shows and followed his career as a solo artist, and for me, he owns one pretty great and unique sense of style, so for all of his fans the only thing we can do in this difficult times is nothing but to show our love, support and admiration for him, and as one of his albums said: AHI VAMOS.

The pics are from the concert I went when I was living in Monterrey, Mex.

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