Today's outfit.

Today I went job hunting... turns out I found a pretty good job I think I can perform just right, so this morning I had an exam to apply. The bad news is I failed, the good news is everybody (22 persons) failed too hahaha, so we have one more opportunity in about two weeks... wish me luck! This is what I wore, I tried to make it simple and fresh, the truth is that at 9 am the jacket was a good idea, but by 11 it was tway too hot so the rest of the day was just the tank top, I just wanted to give you the full picture..


Rocio @ Casa Haus said...

Oooh! I love the pearl necklace and the little key! I think you looked great! Better luck next time! ;)

Patti G said...

Thanks Rocio!!! The pearl necklace it's a present from my mom and I just fixed it because it broke, I love to have it back!