Beauty trends for the office...

Hi friends!!! Sorry for the lack of post but I had a really rough week and yesterday I dind't get out of bed since it was a rainy day... how was your weekend? Any sale shopping? Well, this post will be all about trends suitable for the office courtesy of Elle.com, I liked all of them and they gave me more ideas for my personal challenge. Don't forget to vote for me and notify me, so I can vote for you in the category you like me to. Have a great week!!!

1. Red Lipstick

2.Asymmetrical Crop

3. Bright Pink Lip Gloss

4. Middle Part

5. Smokey Brown Eye Shadow

6. Side - Parted Waves

7. Classic Black Liner

8. Soft Bob

9. Honey - Hued Makeup

10. Pixie Haircut

11. Gray Eyeliner

12. Black Headband

13. Purple Eye Shadow

14. Sleek hair

15. Highlighted skin

Which one is your favorite??


Erika Michel said...

The black headband!

I can never wear one, I have a weird head shape :/ jaja :)

I need a new a hair makeover...

... bueno, pero eso es otro tema!



Fernanda Lucila said...

Side-parted waves!
Mi cabello no es así de hermoso (by far!) pero me encanta traer el apartado de lado y el cabello chino (:

1060xo, Fernanda Lucila

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hola no conocía tu blog, me ha gustado mucho,me vuelvo tu seguidora!!!! Un beso

glory said...

hola, ya anuncie las ganadoras del sorteo en el blog, y eres afortunada, checalo... saludos

Lucy said...

eyyy ganaste el sorteo que suertuda

felicidades !!!!!!

Rocio @ Casa Haus said...

Hola Patti! Me encanta la sombra café... muy natural y trendy... Felicidades por tu suerte en el sorteo!

Angie He said...

Me gustan las onditas :P
xoxo. Angie