Trends vs. Fear

I was reading this post and it made me think that anyone who is mmmm, let's say "commited" to fashion has face in one way or another negative reactions about people. I think that happens when people is ignorant or can't understand something they tend to criticize or laugh about it.

That's why I think that I need to take my relationship with fashion to the next level. Put every fear aside and try on new things I like and I don't wear just because I think about people's opinion rather than my own. I will start little by little (let's face it and be realistic, even when I like couture make up I won't use it to go to the office), and I´ll share with you my little accomplishments. This way I won't throw away my determination at any sign of hesitation...

These are some of the things I like to try, but I´m open to any suggestions. I really need your help, my beloved readers, with more ideas so this project can take off!! It can be from hairstyles to anything crazy you can think of, ok? :P

1. Slouchy pants..

2. Socks with pumps (or any other shoe)

3. Red lips (can´t be easier)


Diana said...

Hola nena!
Creo que es algo muy común que nos pasa a las chicas mexicanas... Aun está muy cerrada la gente a ver tendencias nuevas y la mayoría cree que la moda va con lo que se usa en televisión abirta... pero cada vez somos más bloggers que poco a poco cambiaremos eso... y si se ríen... Seremos muchas usándolo!

Diana said...

Ah! gracias por pasar mi blog!

Rocio @ Casa Haus said...

I always love red lipstick... <3

Style ninfa said...

Creo que empezare con las calzetas y zapatos abiertos, es lo menos arriesgado, los labios rojos ya los uso y creo que se ven muy bien.
Tu usa lo que quieras y no te quedes con las ganas, las palabras se las lleva el viento.
xoxo. Angie