What's in the bag and more...

I really really love those posts where girls show what they carry around in their bags, remember that everybag is a mystery, so now is my turn to let you know what's in mine and by mine I mean my beloved tiny Coach bag I bought a while ago (and that is quite dirty now) and although it looks small you can stuff it with soooo many things you won't believe, so here we go:
  1. Tini tiny little bag for coins that I bought like 4 years ago in Pull&Bear, I have to repair it because it tears apart every now and then but it is really pretty and the sequins remain (almost) the same.
  2. A pen: I always lose them, so that's why it has to be always a cheap one ;)
  3. Gum: no specific brand, I like to taste different ones.
  4. Dior lip balm: this one has collagen and it's supose to make your lips bigger (not in a Lindsay Lohan way). To be honest I don't really see any diference but your lips feel funky, like when you eat some spicy-hot food and you get mmmmm haha I don't know how you say ENCHILADO ajaja but mexican girls will understand :)
  5. Car and house keys: usually I have a keyring with them but I lent my car to my brother and he took it with him.
  6. My cellphone (the purple one) and BB from work.
  7. Ticket for the cable railway: In my city parking the car is a major problem, so I use the railway quite often.
Now is your turn to tell me all about your bags, do you have any special type of bag?? I can't wait to hear from you!

pd. I remove all kind of tickets and junk I also carry around for this post :P


Femme Fatale said...

me encanta tu monedero negro!! :) y la blackberry! jajaja, un beso guapaa

Superficiales said...

Me encantan estos post!! Yo llevo siempre: cosméticos, monedero, espejo, perfume, móvil, una lima, chicles, clinex, bolígrafo, libreta, llaves.. de todo! Un besote!!!

moda capital said...

Que bolso tan mono y claro que los chicles y el celular nunca pueden faltar... jeje las llaves si pueden !! saludos!