Yesterday´s outfit

This is what I wore to work yesterday... the story with the dress is that I wasn't convinced to get it but my mom insisted it looked good on me, so I let her bought it for me jejeje, turns out I really like it and with the denim jacket doesn't look so mmmm serious... Tell me what you think of it!!.. Oh! I forgot, the earings, I wore them on monday but I didn't have time to take pics of the outfit but it was a black turtleneck sweater and jeands, very simple but the earrings give a more interesting look..
pd. sorry for my sleepy face but I took the pictures at 7 am or so :P

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moda capital said...

Hola!! Me han encantado tus aretes, son bellísimos al igual que tu vestido, hermoso color! saludos y besos!