Kate Lanphear

If I had to choose from all the fashion editors we love and admire, I think that without a doubt it would have to be Kate Lanphear. Maybe I'm influenced by the fact that I love black, and that happens to be her color of choice, but it is also her badass/chic/unique/boyish/straight-forward look. If you are a bog admire like me, you might want to read this interview and take a look to her model side, and yeees, you read it right MODEL, I don't think she would ever get me bored. All pics from Jak&Jil.


ana said...

Me gusta su estilo y su cabello!!!!

moda capital said...

Un look roquero y que me encanta!!!
No tienen plazas como Antara en el Df, pero tienen una ciudad bellísima como es Guanajuato, yo disfruto mucho cuando voy para allá... saludos y besitos! mua!

elatsyrk said...

Definitely an inspiring! She always has such amazing jewelery as well.