Mexican Talent: MANCANDY

I think that MANCANDY has to be one of my favorite mexican fashion labels and since the IDM has just ended I wanted to share with you some looks from the last season. Andres Jiménez is the master mind behind all the magic and in case you didn't know him, I'm sure you'll hear about the brand in the future. To know more about them, just click here.


Slanelle said...

Everything looks gorgeous !

la reina cotilla said...

que bonito, hay algunas cosas que me parecen ideales, super ponibles y muy muy originales no como otros que se dedican a copiar a otros.
Gracias por escribir en mi blog, te lo agradezco, me gusta mucho descubrir blogs que nunca habia visitado antes, voy a cotillear un poco tu blog.

TrendRebajas said...

ohhh me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

un beso.

Erika Michel said...

... es tipo commes de garcons!!! :)

me gusto la ultima prenda, la chamarra com gorro covertible :D



... fuiste a dar el grito???