... become a classy modern lady?

As an almost recently newlywed (2 years now), sometimes I like to play my role to the fullest. Every now and then I baked pies or prepare a great three course meal (wearing the right outfit of course). I found it really silly and amusing, it makes me feel like an old fashion lady.

That's why I was so interested with the bookreview of "Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady". For my surprise, it wasn't what I expected, it was ten times better. The author is Harper's Bazaar magazine contributor Derek Blasberg who shows us in this manual everything from etiquette to style and everything in between with tons of funny guides and charts.

I'm posting some links reviewing the book so you can have a better idea of it. In the first one I read this phrase that made me wet my pants (sorry, you can blame, I don't have the book yet): "Even if you are a tramp—it’s never too late to turn yourself around and become a lady." And in the second one is the best of both since you'll find some scans from the book. Let me know what you think about it!


ana said...

Hola!!! muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog... el tuyo va empezando pero me gusta mucho... te agrego a mi blogroll y este libro y el de The Sartorialist los voy a apuntar para comprarlos pronto pronto!

Patti G said...

Hola Ana!!
A mi tmb me gusta mucho tu blog, gracias por el apoyo ahora que voy empezando!! Otro libro que te recomiendo es el de Facehunter, esta mas locochon pero tmb esta muy padre! cuidate!!