...clean your closet?

I was looking at this post written by stylist Rachel Zoe about closet cleanse which has very good tips to keep it organized, a task that can be really difficult some times but, like she says, can shorten the time to get ready in the morning.

I'm really careful when it comes to clothes. I do the laundry myself separating colors and materials, using differente types of soaps and cycles in the washing machine and I try to be as organize as I can when it's time to put it in the closet. So this article was really eye catching to me and I hope is useful to you, here are some highlits of the post:

First of all, she recommends storing your shoes in colorful cases with polaroid photos attached, so you can know exactly where they are. The ones she uses are really pretty but as far as I know in Mexico these can be either too expensive or almost imposible to find, so I think that instead of that I could decorate some boxes to get almos the same effect.

Number two is the way to arrange the clothes. First, she separates by designers (which is out of the question for most of us, damn you Rachel Zoe!!) and then lenght and type like color vs. print. I tried to do this by colors, but I changed and now I find it more easy to put shirts (without sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and full sleeve), then skirts, then dresses and finally jackets and coats. Of course, you can hang them the way you like the better, the point is not to get crazy in the morning.

Third is storing your accesories. I don't really like her suggestion to keep them laid out on trays, specially since I live in a very tiny apartment and any object lying around seems like a complet mess, I see her point though when she says is not to forget about what you have, so, if you live in a big space you can buy something like this:

Finally, is dirty clothes: never let them laying around. Her option is some plastic bags but I think in Mexico the most common thing to do is to use laundry basket, so having a nice one would do the job.

Good luck organizing!!

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